Ben's Garlic Bus

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For over 11 years, we have helped harvest, clean, and braid this garlic that is grown using all organic practices in a pristine valley which floods every year supplying new, rich, mineral-laden volcanic soil. Grown in an exceptionally healthy environment entirely by hand in a field far removed from any roads or industry, this garlic defines organic. The rich purple striping of this ajo morado is so intensified by the trace minerals in the volcanic soil, its beauty rivals the flavor! 

We travel to the Baja annually to farm in this beautiful valley with our friends and distribute this exceptional prize to the people across the western United States.

Inspired by our friend to leave a small footprint while traveling in style to the Baja to pick up our garlic we became “schoolies.” We converted our 1st bus to propane and used it for the first 3 years of our garlic run. Now, “Allicin,” our trusty steed, has completed 5 trips hauling garlic and delivering smiles on its annual trip of 7,000 miles. Allicin’s has a hydrogen fuel cell assisting the efficient diesel engine, a solar panel for all our power, and can hold over 40 gallons of water.

All aboard!