About Gourmet Garlic Gardens

Ben & Clair Roniger. Owners of Gourmet Garlic Gardens. Ben, Claire, & Isabelle

The Beginning

Bob Anderson on his ford tractor Gourmet Garlic Gardens began as the fulfillment of a dream by Bob Anderson. In the mid-1980s, while driving around southwest Colorado, Bob saw a small farm with a "For Sale" sign and a beautiful mountain view. He wanted to buy it but found no employment opportunities locally. In those pre-internet days, he longed for a nationwide market where he could sell what he legally grew.
When Bob retired at age 70 as a well-known garlic grower, gourmet garlics seemed like the perfect opportunity, and thus Gourmet Garlic Gardens was born.

Passing The Torch

Ben and Claire Ronniger were among the first farmers Bob enlisted to sell garlic on GGG. As Bob aged, he began to slow down his growing operation and allowed a younger group to sell through his well-established website. Bob and Ben became good friends over the years, often spending hours on the phone talking about the power and wonder of garlic. Ben visited the Ranch in Bangs, TX several times to glean information from one of his garlic mentors, Bob. Sadly, Bob has passed away, but his legacy lives on through Gourmet Garlic Gardens, now owned by Ben and Claire Roniger. Ben and Claire are dedicated to continuing Bob's dream, providing the finest organic garlic and sharing a wealth of garlic knowledge with enthusiasts around the world.

Ben & Claire Roniger

Ben and Claire Roniger are the proud owners of Allicins Ranch, where they have been growing organic garlic for over 25 years. They have learned from some of the best growers in the country including Bob Anderson and Ben's Uncle David Ronniger, a pioneer in the organic farming industry.