All About that Allicin!

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Before we get into how and why garlic that is still in its natural state does, we need to go back to some earlier times and learn about some interesting scientific studies by accredited researchers that were published in peer-reviewed professional journals to help establish some credibility and learn what scientists have discovered about natural garlic, simply so we can understand its nature a little better.

First we need to go back to summer of 1936 , when the study Walton, et al, was published in Food Science Journal. An abstract of that study showed the study consisted of a large Petri dish  containing many known bacteria in specific areas (I'm guessing in radians out from the center of the dish to the edges but I don't know this for certain.)

In the study, the experimenters placed a single clove of crushed garlic (Variety and cultivar not identified) and after four hours, all bacteria within eight inches of that crushed garlic clove were dead just from the fumes. This gives a very good example of the results that can be obtained using crushed raw natural garlic to  kill harmful bacteria.  It also frees the imagination to imagine ways this could be used in real life such as by using it in a nebulizer to clear sinuses of bacteria or similar uses, for example.   

In the fall of 1944, Chester J. Cavallito and John Hays Bailey published their study identifying Allicin as the garlic compound responsible for garlic's wonderous antimicrobial action. This was about the same time  the German Nazis had invaded Russia and there were great casualties and the Russians used their folk medicine, naturally hot, strong garlic to treat combat wounds to prevent deadly bacterial infections or to cure infections if the  patient was already infected. Penicillin, the new 'wonder drug" used by Americans got the same results. They both worked the same but involved different processes: the pharmaceutical penicillin  was designed to form a chemical bond with a receptor on the outer wall of a bacterium and if it could do that, then it could cause that bacterium to swell up and burst, killing the bacterium. On the other hand,the spicy raw garlic, still in its natural state had no need to be able to form any chemical bond with any receptor; its opposite electric charge caused it to be drawn irresistibly through the bacterial cell walls by the universal force of electromagnetism and once inside the interior of the bacterium, its presence caused. The bacterium to reverse its natural polarity and become positively charged, causing surrounding interstitial fluid to be automatically drawn through the cell walls, causing the bacterium to swell up and burst, killing the bacterium.
Since then, however, bacteria have undergone natural genetic mutations that have resulted in antibiotic resistance because the mutations have caused bacteria to form new receptors that antibiotics cannot form a chemical bond with and as a result, can no longer kill bacteria because the receptors antibiotics were designed to bond with, will soon no longer exist in nature, leaving them increasingly ineffective, though still expensive and they continue to have horrible side-effects, they just are less effective every day. 

My own first exposure to garlics power came before I understood it but it worked very impressively once I stumbled into an effective way to use it. In 1995, at age 56, I discovered I had a staph infection in the cuticle of my left index finger. I immediately recognized it as a staph infection as I had a couple of them  before and recognized the acutely painful symptoms. I had read somewhere that garlic kills staph, so since I  had plenty of garlic as I was already a market gardener, I started eating as much as I could of many different kinds of garlic but eating all that much garlic seemed to have little effect on the staph and my finger continued to swell and hurt more than I thought it should and after three weeks or so at about 10:30 one evening, I noticed my left index finger was extremely painful, distended to maybe twice its normal size and badly discolored and I said to myself "This is not working and so I spontaneously crushed a small clove of a medium-tasting garlic, Inchelium Red and decided to try direct contact. I was not at all prepared for what came next.

My already painful finger instantly greatly increased in pain level and also felt like I had just set it afire; I had never before felt such an intense burning sensation.  I could only think "My God!  What have I done?  and more importantly, what do I do next?" As these thoughts went through my mind after 10:30 at night, 20 frantic miles from the nearest hospital. As my awareness of self and surroundings caught up with my thoughts, I realized my finger didn't hurt so much and was throbbing but not hurting, anymore. As I pondered my relief at having somehow "dodged a bullet," I decided to plan on going to the Emergency Room in the morning as I was tired of messing with it and went to sleep easily as I didn't hurt anymore.  

When I awoke at around 6:30 the following morning, my finger still didn't hurt, so II decided I didn't care  I noticed the swelling in my hand had decreased by half overnight and the discoloration was also very noticeably improved overnight and so I said to myself, "Wow!  the overnight results were outstanding and it still did not hurt so I decided ci didn't care how much it hurts, I'm gonna do this again and I pulled another clove from the same bulb, gritted my teeth and applied it to the same place it did the night before and - nothing; no burn or any other discomfort so I went to work and put in a full busy day as a ranch hand on my father-in-law's ranch. That evening, the hand had reduced in swelling to half the size it was that morning and the color was obviously better, so I treated it again with another clove from the same bulb of Inchelium Red and again there was no discomfort at all and I went to sleep. When I awoke the following morning, my finger was completely healed and was entirely normal in every way. After three weeks of gorging myself on garlic to no avail, it went away, seemingly by itself in 32 hours after I applied crushed garlic direct to the lesion.  I decided that the short term intense pain was OK as long as the long term pain went away. A few years later I learned if I had diluted the crushed raw natural garlic in water, there would have been no pain at all but the allicin in the crushed raw garlic would still kill all bacteria on contact, even when diluted to one part of allicin to 125,000 parts of water, according to a published study referenced in Larry Lawson's book.

This first exposure to incredible healing powers against Staph was both an eye-opener and a challenge to figure out why and how it worked so maybe I could figure out some ways to use it as a folk remedy that I could use at home to make resistant bacterial infections go away. This was six years before I met David Mirelman  and ten years before I discovered the power of allicin water when I got food poisoning in 2005. As I look back on it now, I refer to it as the dinner that changed my life because it brought an understanding of how and why, allicin does the things it does so I could understand and that's all I ever wanted to do.  

Even though I never recommended any particular person do or not do any particular thing, many people took in on their own initiative try garlic baths and had such satisfying results that I received hundreds of emails and other messages thanking me for posting the information about garlic and how and why it works and telling me how they had no positive results after years of standard of care treatments but their MRSA went away in only a few months and stopped coming back. Yes, the things I learned from Dr Mirelman eventually had many very positive effects on at least many hundreds of people, maybe thousands and perhaps eventually millions, depending on how many more people eventually learn about this and decide to try it for themselves.
This seems like a good place to reveal an interesting  natural fact; and that is natural (non-irradiated, hot, spicy garlic) is immune to antibiotic resistance because it does not need to bond with any receptor and so the mutation does not affect natural garlic or folk remedies involving natural antimicrobials; only pharmaceutical antibiotics that must be able to form a chemical bond with a receptor that mostly no longer exists anymore due to the bacterial mutation.  

Here it comes folks, as promised: 

The exact natures of bacteria and naturally pungent garlics: all harmful bacteria, by their very nature carry a negative electric charge because that is the way they are constructed by nature.  When naturally pungent Allium Sativum (Garlic ) is crushed, allicin, one of the most powerful antimicrobial agents in nature  is formed and it carries a positive electric charge because that is its nature.  As is true  everywhere in the known universe, positively charged particles are irresistibly drawn to negatively charged particles due to the difference in electrical polarity.  What this clearly means is that in real life, if the bacteria and the allicin are in a common medium. In this case the common medium is water as the extremely active allicin quickly chemically bonds with the H2O and every drop of water the allicin is bonded to will kill all bacteria it comes into contact with, even if that drop of allicin water is a tiny droplet is in a fine spray. But wait, there;s more! Here's the neat part:  the allicin water actually oaks into a person's skin due to the natural DM1SO (Di- Methyl Sulf-Oxide) that natural garlic contains and this allows the allicin water to soak into the skin and penetrate down to the subcutaneous layer where the capillaries are and those capillaries all have little  tiny holes in their sides called pores and particles that are small enough to pass through those pores can and will get into hose pores and go everywhere in the body the bloodstream takes it and it will kill every harmful bacterium it comes into contact with, automatically. People who understand human physiology will quickly pick up on the fact they can use daily allicin water baths to kill off MRSA or other resistant bacterial infections. People report after their first allicin water bath they feel better overnight and after daily allicin water baths, their MRSA infections go away in a few weeks but come back a week or two later, though obviously weaker than before and that this happens a few more times with the MRSA weaker each time  and after a few months, it stops coming back and is gone and the resume their normal lives for the first time in years. Yes, they can get a new infection as staph is everywhere but the second time around, they know what to do and even resistant infections are easier to cure when they catch them early in development before the infection spreads.

When allicin water and resistant bacteria are both in the bloodstream at the same time, the allicin will be  chemo-electro-magnetically drawn to the bacteria by the same powerful force that unifies and balances the entire  known universe and when they come into contact, the bacteria are destroyed; no matter how resistant any particular strain may be to manufactured antibiotics, the allicin in natural  (non-irradiated) garlic will kill them every time and they cannot become resistant to being stabbed and blown up any more than you or I could become immune to either.

Just because natural garlic has been used in folk remedies for thousands of years doesn't mean it doesn't work any more; if the chemistry of garlic is understood and the human body's natural transport systems are also understood, ways can be found to direct the allicin water to where it will do the most good and if used effectively it still works every bit as well as it always has, it's just because now that some of us understand how and why it works, we can discover more ways to use it in traditional remedies more  effectively.

I first learned about the opposite polarities of allicin and bacteria from David Mirelman, Ph. D., the head of the Chemistry Dept. at Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel and a World-class expert on the Chemistry of garlic during dinner one evening in late October of 2001 at the third annual Garlic is Life Symposium (A meeting place for garlic experts to inform other experts on about their latest discoveries) in Tulsa, OK. I mentioned to David that I was concerned about antibiotic resistance and wondered what would happen when bacteria became resistant to garlic and he assured me that could not happen as it would be impossible and then he explained why that was so by explaining how resistance came about and then he explained the opposite polarities of bacteria and allicin and how antibiotics were designed to chemically bond with a receptor and why allicin did not have to bond with any receptor and garlic was not affected at all by resistance; Still isn't and according to David Mirelman. "Antibiotic resistance cannot affect garlic because the allicin in raw natural garlic does not need to bond with any receptor, it kills in a more direct way and bacteria cannot resist that any more than you or I could become immune to being stabbed or blown up!"

It wasn't until mid -to-late January of 2005 that I had opportunity to test my understanding of Dr.  Mirelman's information. I had gotten  food poisoning of some kind after eating one small farm-raised shrimp that I thought had been cooked but it had not. Soon, I began exhibiting typical food poisoning symptoms; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and general discomfort, etc. Not being the type of person who rushes to see a doctor at every little thing, I decided to tough it out at home but after three weeks of ongoing symptoms, I began to seriously think about how I could use his information to deal with my "explosive" diarrhea and so I decided to give myself a garlic water enema and wipe out as much of the "colonic bacteria as I could and follow it with a substantial dose of probiotics to restore only the "good" bacteria and hope for balance to be restored.  I crushed a single small to medium-size dlove of a medium-flavored garlic, an Artichoke cultivar called Inchelium Red and added it to a gallon or so of warm water in a three litre bottle and shook it up quite well and then used a fine mesh strainer to filter out all the particulate matter and poured the strained allicin water into a rubber hot water bottle, attached an enema attachment, stripped naked and laid on my back in a dry claw-foot bathtub so that water would flow in easily and be retained just as easily and once the bottle had emptied, I rolled around in the tub to be sure and coat every square centimeter of the lining of my colon for about 12 to 15 minutes and then decided to get and discharge the material into the toilet.  during this entire time, I felt no discomfort or urge to have a bowel movement.  The discharge went smoothly and I immediately swallowed a few acidophilus  tablets we had on hand with some tap water from our own farm pond as we don't have or want municipal water. From the moment I emptied the hot water bottle's contents into my colon I had no more diarrhea or urge for the next few days and on the third day, I had a normal bowel movement that was perfect - my stools were firm, dark brown, odorless and sunk rather than the loose light brown stinking floaters and on clean up, the toilet paper wasn't even soiled. I pronounced my experiment to be a success. 

The day after my enema, I felt really good but still had some lingering upper body soreness  from all the nausea and vomiting I had gone through the previous three weeks and I wondered how I could use david's helpful information to deal with that issue and after pondering the matter for a while, I decided an enema would not be able to reach that so I decided to try an allicin water bath and see what would happen and so I did. That evening, I  crushed three medium cloves from the same bulb of Inchelium Red I used for the enema but did not screen out the particulate matter, just tossed into a tub of comfortably warm water, got in and soaked in the plain water and crushed garlic - no soap or anything else. Since there were no guidelines, I had no idea how long to soak so after 90 minutes, I got out and went to bed. I didn't feel any different at that point. Actually, during the night, I slept fitfully as though I were breaking a fever and I remember waking up in the middle of the night looking for a dry spot on my pillow to lay my sweating head but was unable to find one and just went back to sleep.

Later on I learned about Herxheimer's Response and decided that had happened to me as my long bath killed more bacteria than I thought it would and; that resulted in more toxins than my liver could process all at once and I experienced the usual discomfort until my liver got caught up and then I felt incredibly good.

When I awoke the next morning, it was like I woke up in a whole new world. I felt incredibly good, full of vim, vigor, vitality and positive energy; in fact, better than I had ever felt in my entire life, almost giddy - and I was 65 years old at the time.

‚ÄčThis super energy and giddiness continued for over a week, lessening a little with each passing day and after 10 days, I was back to normal but, man, what a trip! It was during this time that I decided for certain that David Mirelman knew what he was talking about and I decided to devote the rest of my life to learning more about garlicky things and spreading the word about how people can use folk remedies to help themselves deal with modern resistant infections, once they learn how the garlic works and learn the best ways to use these ancient remedies to deal with modern diseases that antibiotics can no longer kill.       

That conversation with David Mirelman, Ph. D. changed my life at age 61 and when I was 65, I learned about what a powerful tool garlic water was to stop bacterial infections  and by the time I was 75, hundreds of people had read my posts about how I had used the ancient herbal folk remedy, garlic diluted in water to rid myself of bacterial food poisoning and many, without any urging on my part, chose to try garlic water baths to end the scourge of  the scourge of their own resistant bacterial infections (MRSA) in the privacy of their own homes and at their own risk. which turned out to be minimal, if any risk at all, according to their stories.  The more people posted about their successes and their delight with their results, the more people began trying them and they, too got rid of their MRSA and the fame of garlic water baths (allicin water baths) spread and soon, oopy-cat  websites started showing up in internet searches and when I visited these websites, I saw many of my own posts had been copied verbatim and used as the basis for their websites yet none had asked my permission to use my copyrighted original material, although some did give me credit for having written the original. As I continue with this surprising revelation,  I will fill you in on the details as we go.

One thing needs to be discussed and that is I am not a doctor of any kind, nor do I want to be. I'm just a naturally curious and creative guy who  at age 21 got into health insurance claims and underwriting (risk selection) for around nine years and  read most of the same textbooks as anyone with a pre-med degree would have read and gained a basic understanding health care and the human body and word with it daily for nine years and became a claims manager and had weekly hour-long meetings with the company's medical director for the last three years and that alone as a good education. I first got on the internet in the mid-1990s before most people had even heard of it. I learned about it from my last consultant gig and got more details from my best friend, Tommy Sellers, who worked with their techies for a year or more and wound up founding the first internet service provider in Lubbock, TX but eventually merged with another ISP. Tommy's wife, Burnetta (Burt) Sellers  was skilled at html and put together six-page website in August of 1997, over a year before Google and learned HTML so I could make changes and upgrades to it, myself, without having to bother her. I could not have gotten up and running without both their help and I still appreciate it deeply and always will.   I soon found out the internet was like having access to a thousand university libraries right there in your office at home and my learning curve as I searched out many courses in cell biology, the endocrine system, lymphatic and circulatory systems, as many human systems as I could and my understanding of how and where to apply allicin, processed in different ways, in order to let the body's own transport system deliver the allicin and/or its metabolites to where it was needed,  went up dramatically. Unquestionably, garlic is not modern medicine; it is herbal folk remedies and its use goes back thousands of years, in fact both garlic and honey were found in king Tut's tomb 3,400 years ago or so.

The incredible potential of allicin water to be used in herbal folk remedies to control resistant infections in the privacy of a patient's own bathroom at home could free up physicians to be able to focus on other patients in greater need of attention. In order to help people understand how and why folk remedies work and then let them and their health care providers discuss it and decide what, if anything, to do, I authored a website called In 2006 to explain how garlic works and why it does some of the things published studies say it does as well as my own empirical experiences or the reported experiences of others. I took it down in 2013 due to a dispute with the web host I was using at that time. It got a few thousand visitors a year and generated a lot of questions and interest.

In December of 2009, I got an email from "Lady K"asking me to post on the MRSA patients forum, MRSA America and Beyond Forum, of which she was the Administrator because there had been a lot of discussion about garlic but, obviously, no one in the forum knew much about it so she Googled health benefits of garlic and found my website and read it and became convinced I knew what I was talking about and I agreed to post there on the condition that I would retain the copyrights to all my posts. It was on or about January 10, 2010 when I made my first post, explaining the electric polarizations of allicin and bacteria and how they could be made to attract one another in the body via the bloodstream in a non-invasive way that is relaxing and results in an enhanced sense of well-being as one peer-reviewed professional journal-published  study on the psychological aspects of consuming garlic put it. That first post caused a lot of discussion and there were a few doubters, as there should be but most accepted my comments as at least, sane. There were a lot of discussions, mostly civil but still some doubters up until someone else post saying there had been a lot of talk about garlic and asking if anyone had tried the garlic water baths as they came to be called and asking them to post the results and lots of people wrote about their experiences and they were mostly pretty good if people bought their garlic from farmers markets but those who bought from the produce departments of supermarkets  almost always reported no results. People who bought direct from growers were telling of near-miraculous cures and sometimes whole families being cured of their MRSA after years of no success using prescription antibiotics. Needless to say, this caused a lot of excitement among MRSA patients. 

If you have been with me this far, then you know that antibiotic resistance is real and that antibiotics, as we have known them are going away soon because many or most of them, in fact, most of them are no longer able to kill bacteria and numerous spokespersons for the pharmaceutical industry say there will be no replacement for them soon because a relatively inexpensive medicine that a patient takes for only a short time is not a good business model.  Hmm...